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Coinpressions2 Fast Start System!

The Power of the Coinpressions2 Exploding Matrix Re-entry System is absolutely incredible.


But we want to show you how it can be even more beneficial to you and why you want to go ALL In (i.e. purchase all five Membership Levels as soon as possible)


This is important for Five Reasons:

1. You will stay ahead of your referrals. When a member purchases the system looks to see if their sponsor is in that particular matrix and, if not the system looks upline to find the nearest upline member who IS in that matrix. If your referrals go "All In" and you have not then those referrals will jump you in the matrices you are not in and be placed in the matrices of your upline. Yikes!

2. Position Yourself for SpillUP. When someone in your downline decides to go All In and their sponsor has not done so the system looks upline for the nearest upline member who IS in that particular matrix or matrices. That could be YOU and, yes, that is SpillUP!

3. The Simplicity of 2 Get 2. When you go All In and encourage your referrals to do the same you create FAST Income and Re-entries. When you have two referrals who join All In and their Two do the Same YOU will earn $104 and generate 27 $2 Re-entries, each of which can generate $104 and genrate another 27 $2 Re-entries and so on. The system is really incredibly powerful, why not jump All In right from the get go!

4. Massive Leveraged Re-Entries. When your team follows your example and goes All In the repercussions are HUGE. That's because, as your team duplicates, they are potentially earning massive numbers of Re-entries which will follow their sponsor (you?) which will accelerate the system even faster! Can you imagine the effect of dozens of direct referrals, each of which who are All In and create 27 (or more) $2 re-entries all of which follow YOU!?

5. Leadership and Duplication. When you lead by example your team is more apt to follow suit. So, when you go All In, you can set yourself up as an example and your team is more apt to follow you. Remember, the All In Option is only $62 and by teaching and encouraging this you AND your team will earn faster and create greater success more quickly which only adds to the enthusiasm and energy

So, are YOU All In now that you know why?

Let's Get to EXPLODING This System!


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