Today Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies open the doors for many industries. Gambling industries are one of them, and with the help of cryptocurrencies today, people are playing casino games with more safety and security. They are well known for their traceable transactions, and even hackers cannot interfere with your gameplay. The advancement of technology and the Internet made it possible for every human being to play these games more conveniently.

Crypto Currency Is Used for Gambling

1. Bitcoin

Every crypto gambling website uses almost Bitcoin because it is the oldest and one of the most famous cryptocurrencies ever. Many countries around the globe widely accept it.

2. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is another well-known cryptocurrency you can easily use on every website. Almost every gambling industry would accept cryptocurrencies with the name Bitcoin in it. Bitcoin cash even has more approachable exchanges price as compared to regular bitcoins.

3. Ethereum

The cryptocurrency is well known for its intelligent contract networks, and many renowned crypto websites like duelbits widely accept it. They are even more secure than any other crypto because their survey differs slightly from any other crypto.

The legality of crypto gambling

Today online gambling industry has been a more significant source of entertainment. Almost in every country, the crypto gambling industry is almost legal. However, the website undergoes testing from 3rd party agencies and government services to get their license. After passing the test, the website got its license so that it can run its website all around the world.

One major thing you should never forget when visiting the website is to check the website’s license. You might need to check the license to avoid facing the consequences of legal action.

How Big Is the Crypto Gambling Industry?

The crypto-gambling industry has been increasing in recent years, but it is difficult to estimate its exact size due to the decentralized nature of the industry and the need for more reliable data.

However, several reports suggest that the crypto-gambling market is significant and continues to grow.

While the exact size of the crypto-gambling market is challenging to estimate, some sources suggest that it makes up a significant portion of the online gambling industry. For example, a report by CoinGape estimated that the crypto-gambling industry was worth around USD 150 billion in 2020, accounting for roughly 10% of the overall online gambling market.

It’s worth noting that the crypto-gambling industry is still relatively new and evolving, and there are ongoing debates around the legality and regulation of crypto-gambling in various jurisdictions. However, the industry is growing and attracting many players who value the unique benefits of using cryptocurrencies for online gambling, such as increased privacy, security, and speed of transactions.


Cryptocurrencies are well known for their securest and safest transactions worldwide. They are almost legal everywhere, so you do not have to worry about illegal activities. There are several significant benefits that you can even enjoy whenever you are playing casino games online.


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